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Tackling our Summit, one step at a time!

Hi we are the Pollak's and we are your average American Family. Middle class in the suburbs, 3 kids and a dog! Doesn’t get more average than us! Or does it? A few years ago we found ourselves stuck trying to make it on a single household income and raising our 3 boys. We had a car payment, student loan payments, some credit cards, some medical debt and a mortgage. Decent income, but still struggling each month to have anything left over to do anything fun. Life seemed to always soak up our money leaving us struggling to save for retirement, college savings or just a rainy day. We couldn’t even do those things, let alone do the fun stuff.

We came to a point where we realized our spending and personal finances didn’t match our goals and what we wanted to do! We had all these dreams! We wanted to be more generous with those around us. We wanted to camp and travel more while the kids were young. We wanted to take our kids on spectacular travel experiences as they get older. We wanted to pay off the house early and eventually buy a place in the mountains somewhere. The SUMMIT we had to climb started to become more and more clear. We had some big desires! What were we going to do about it.

Our story isn’t much different than most families. Everyone has these big desires and goals lying under the surface. Yet standing in our way was a car payment, some medical debt, a credit card and those dang pesky student loans that seem to never go away. After seeing how we really wanted to live, we got serious and knocked out all our debt (over $37k!) except our mortgage in 18 months. In some ways you might say we got a little crazy, but we started looking at our daily finances with our SUMMIT in view. No more car payments or credit cards for us, not because those things are evil or anything, but because they no longer fit into our plan of where we want to go.

Like many people, nobody taught us this stuff. Our years of education didn’t teach us how this personal finance thing really worked. As we started our journey, we started helping others. We’ve lead group classes and helped others one on one. As we started climbing towards our own SUMMIT, we found a passion helping others find their SUMMIT and cheer them on to climb that mountain little by little. As we look back at our struggles along the way, we really would have valued coaching and feel like it would have sped us up and kept us better focused during the tougher times. This is why we started Money Matters Coaching!

Let us help you identify your SUMMIT and walk with you on that journey towards it!